European Omniconsult S.R.L.

Through our complex network of specialized partners we can offer a wide range of consulting services in different areas and subjects.
For each project, our partnerships guaranteeing the quality of our services


Riscurile micilor afaceri Managementul si marketingul transferului de tehnokogie International Symposium SIMI 2009
RICCCe XVI-Workshop2009 Lexicon de management  
"A new profession on the labour market - specialist in simulation of systems"
Symposium on "
cost reduction in production, logistics and services through the use of simulation"
2. - 4. 11.2011 - 3-day intensive seminar in the simulation software SIMIO


Financial-, Production- and Logistic-Controlling

Organizational consulting

Investment advice

  • Factory planning

  • Organization, reorganisation and restructuring

Integrated Management Systems

  • Quality

  • Environment

  • Risk Management

  • Social responsibility

  • Occupational Safety

Start-ups and financial advisory (national and international)

Company representatives and placement of transactions

Consultancy for financing and business trading and for bank rating

Establishment of contact:

Germany: Diulescu Engineering Romania: European Omniconsult SRL
Deimling Strasse 23 Str. Thomas Masaryk 9
D-75175 Pforzheim RO-20983Bucuresti
Tel.: +49(0) 7231 27596 Tel.: +40 (0) 21 6104079
Fax: +49(0) 7231 22725 Fax: +40 (0) 21 6104079
Mobil: +49(0) 171 6948935 Mobil: +40 (0) 745 216650

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